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Boom Racing Defender D90 D110 Chassis Minus Shocks Wheels Tires

Boom Racing recently released three new Defender fully upgraded metal chassis.

Boom Racing Losi Rock/Baja Rey Upper/Lower Track Rod Mounts

Boom Racing continues to push forward in U4 rock racing by releasing the Track Rod aluminum upgrade for the Losi Rock Rey.

Boom Racing Rod Ends & Stainless Steel Pivot Ball

Boom Racing released four different shapes and sizes of M4 ball ends with high quality SST flanged pivot balls.

8 Boom Racing D90 D110 Defender Chassis

Boom Racing released eight different scale chassis packages for your RC builds.

Giveaway Raffle: Yota LC70 1.55 Stock Steelie Beadlock Wheels

Arguably one of the nicest Boom Racing wheels made to date, the "Stock Steelie" Land Cruiser 70 series has a perfect mix of scaleness and functionality.

Innovation: Axial SCX10 II Keyed Helical Bevel Gear & Spool

Boom Racing's SCX10 II keyed spool and bevel gear design eliminates inherent weakness of the stock Axial gears with the three 2mm bolts.

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What is a good hop-up?    For most people a good hop-up is simply a matter of performance. We believe a good hop-up is about design and improvement, making conscious efforts to better the R/C hobby industry, and the people we work with every day. We design and develop all Boom Racing's R/C hop ups to make sure you get the most up to date unique products. With our passion for R/C cars we are constantly updating and upgrading in house to ensure our supporters are enthusiastic and excited.

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